1. The lessons are posted out two months at a time. The only cost is of posting the answers back to KPBS.

  2. The marks that are obtained each month are used to 'buy' items from the prize list.

  3. Marks are also gained, on a sliding scale, for the prompt return of lessons and their neatness.

All lessons can be completed by using any of the well known versions of the Bible.
We currently have two groups of courses available.

Bible Time

The first group of lesons are divided into five age groups:
Level 0: Under 4
Level 1: ages 4 - 6
Level 2: ages 7 - 9
Level 3: ages 10 - 12
Level 4: age 13+

Sample lessons (click lesson to download a sample pdf)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

New Life

The second group is for those aged 15+.
The lessons cover basic bible stories and the major bible characters. Each grade has a structured 3 year syllabus, and for each month there is a series of 4 lessons. The intention is that students should complete a lesson each week.

The subjects covered by the lessons are:

Group A

Christian Life (4 units)
Church (2 units)
Salvation (3 units)
The Bible (3 units)

Group B

Life of Christ (5 units)
God (4 units)
Holy Spirit (3 units)

Group C

Kings of Israel and Judah (3 units)
Life of Paul (4 units)
Paul's Epistles (3 units)
Women of the Bible (2 units)

Sample lessons (printed samples avaliable upon request)